Youth Courses

Which Youth Course should I book?

Please see the outlines below to help you choose the right course. There is still no charge for youth courses.

Youth Courses

There are the five Youth Blocks where the core RYA youth scheme is taught from Taster through to Stage 3 in Oppies and Toppers. Simply see which dates suit you best.
In addition there are five specialist youth courses depending on your age, ability and interest.

Oppie Improver – This is open to all Oppie sailors who have achieved a minimum Stage 1. The course allows those youngsters not yet old enough or big enough to sail a Topper to be in a larger and more competitive group in which to develop their skills. The transition to Topper sailing is quite a broad one, so if you are not yet 11yrs, don’t weigh 40Kg or aren’t 1.5m tall then this course is definitely for you.

Youth Racing – As the name suggests this is for those who are interested in Racing! It is taught in single handers and is both a very good introduction to club racing and a chance to further develop skills and tactics. You need to be at least 12 years and have your RYA Stage 3 to apply for this course.

Youth Afloat/Youth Laser – This course is delivered in single-handed and two handed boats. The course content varies depending on who applies. On your first Youth Afloat you can expect to work towards your Stage 4 certificate. Just like the Blocks you can do Youth Afloat as many times as you wish. On further courses you will experience all sorts; for example, seamanship skills, spinnaker handling and trapezing. You do need to be 13 years to apply for this one and have Stage 3.

Youth Performance – This course is also in double handers and is for those young people truly interested in honing their skills. It focuses on how to make your boat go as fast as possible in all conditions. You need to be 14 years and have Stage 4 to apply for this one. It is good preparation for Youth Coastal and Instructor Training.

Youth Coastal – This course is run by NSSA Senior Instructors at Essex Outdoors, Bradwell Waterside. It is a weekend residential open to those age 15+ who have RYA Stage 4. It gives the opportunity endorse proficiency certificates on coastal waters and is excellent preparation for Instructor Training. Dates are to be confirmed. There is a charge for this course to cover transport, accommodation and equipment. Dates are to be confirmed. Contact me directly for further details.