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Booking Terms & Conditions

1. Statement of Risk
In addition to the enjoyment and learning of new skills safety is of paramount importance on all NSSA courses and activities. Outdoor and adventurous activities are hazardous by their nature. Participants, parents and those with parental responsibility must accept that there are risks involved in taking part in such activities. They must also accept that occasionally, as a result of the thrills and spills of sailing, some participants may suffer from minor bumps or scrapes. The NSSA works actively to continually assess, manage and minimise these risks, so far as is reasonably possible.


The NSSA employs a Safe System of Work at all times, supported by:

  • The provision of appropriate personal safety equipment for all participants

  • The provision of up-to-date equipment for use on all courses

  • Adherence to RYA guidelines

  • Ensuring that all sailing activities are, at all times, under the control of an RYA Senior Instructor, or RYA Shorebased instructor as appropriate

NSSA Staff/RYA Instructors, Senior Instructors or Coaches do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury suffered by persons and/or their property arising out of or during the course of their activities whilst training and/or coaching and/or instructing unless such injury loss or damage was caused by, or resulted from negligence or deliberate act.

2. Cancellation
NSSA reserves the right to cancel and/or modify any course or activity at any time. This may be due to perceived, or actual, increase of risk to participants beyond a reasonable or acceptable level.

3. Data Protection
Personal information provided on any NSSA form will be stored in our database. Data recorded will be used for NSSA administration, course and activity planning and for no other purpose. We do not pass any of your information to anyone outside of the NSSA. All personal information is held in the strictest confidence.

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