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National Schools Sailing Regatta 2019

Norfolk Schools Sailing Association took a team of 24 young people from across Norfolk schools to Weymouth last week to compete against young people from across the country.   In total there were 300 young people who sailed a range of dinghies in rookie fleet, Lasers, Toppers and slow and fast handicap.  Norfolk had an amazing year winning the top under 14 helm (Tom Thwaites) 1st in Toppers (Tom Thwaites) 3rd in fast handicap and 2nd in 29er, with Chris Haslam and Sam Briggs, and top ten places for Emily Haslam, Toby Pearce, Sam Archer, William Symonds,  Ryan Walford.  Our rookies sailing on the sea for the first time put in a great performance overcoming any initial nerves of sailing in waves on the open sea on the olympic course to improve their sailing competence over the week.  Norfolk had such great results we came 2nd overall in the team championships which is an amazing result for what is an inexperienced sea sailing team and a great demonstration of the young peoples skills.   Next year sees us sailing in Plymouth where we hope for an even better performance.

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